Debs Natural Hoof Care

Natural Hoof Care for Barefoot Horses


March 2013

Buddy - 7 year old quarter horse gelding - foundered in 2010; owner wanted the shoes off and help with the founder; stated that it was 9 weeks since last trim and farrier had not responded to return. Buddy was donated to another owner in July 2013. Hooves were excessively long, deformed and loaded with thrush. Poor application of shoes and improper trimming exacerbated his discomfort and prevented correct movement.


Set up trim








July 2013

Client provided x-rays and said that Buddy would be re-homed within a month. New owners requested that I continue his care and rehab.




October 2014

Buddy's progress continues. He is presently not on a special diet and owner has not tried boots yet. None the less, he is comfortably galloping around his pasture with ease. He is still a bit uncomfortable on gravel - frequent riding with boots were recommended. 




Buddy is free to move comfortably - video courtesy of his present owners. He is the chestnut passing and leading the herd.