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Natural Hoof Care for Barefoot Horses


Why I chose natural trims and barefoot horses


New York was my home state - the south shore of Long Island. (Believe it or not, there were still a handful of horses back then living in suburbia.) I was born with a God given, heartfelt passion for horses (and animals) to a family from the City. The only person in my large, extended family who had anything to do with horses was my late Grandfather. The extent of his experience was betting on horses at the track.


To my family, I was sort of an enigma - I loved horses so much, when I was a kid, I wanted to be one. I took riding lessons, competed at horse shows and read all the books I could get my hands on. What I could not understand was why horses were not treated better and why weren't their wild needs met. Even as a child, I was horrified by the obvious and the subtle abuses of horses. I was told that was just the way it was. Fortunately, Walter Farley's The Black Stallion and later on natural horsemanship trainers - gave me hope and inspiration that there was a much better way and that there were people somewhere who truly understood what horses wished we all knew from the horse's perspective.



In 1982, when I moved with my parents to Tennessee, it was with the promise of my own horse. Barney was the best first horse I could ever want a true friend: honest, safe and full of spirit. Unfortunately, he foundered and was lame several times. Although I was told it was a "good" thing that he only lost 2 shoes in the 20 years he was with me, they caused him more pain and suffering than I realized he endured. If I knew then what I know now.




Several years and a small herd of horses later, I began to face serious founder issues with 3 of my ponies: one that eventually foundered so badly she laid down most of the time, another one had seriously soft frogs with pockets of ooze, and the last one a blind rescue pony - who had apparently lived foundered and neglected for years. I thought that controlling their food intake and getting their feet maintained was working - but it wasn't. I was frustrated that conventional trimming methods were making things worse, so I searched hard, learned much, and when I realized I did not know how to take care of them myself, I searched for someone who could.


After research and study, I found what I was looking for: a great natural hoof trimmer to take care of my equine family and more.  She nurtured all three of my equines into the best natural hooves I had ever seen. In addition, she educated me about nutrition and what I needed to change. Little did I know, that in a matter of time, she would inadvertently help me trim my life into better shape.


I realized I found my calling when she became my mentor and my teacher. She patiently showed me how to apply my knowledge and how to satiate my desire to help horses. When she introduced me to Pete Ramey?s methods, I could not stop absorbing the material. During my apprenticeship, I gained hands on experience in the natural approach to trimming. I began by trimming my own horses and I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the results. With my husband's support and encouragement, I am committed to knowing everything I can and paying it forward offering my service and skill to naturally maintain horse's hooves in Middle Tennessee.


I am intent on serving horses and their caretakers with my heart in my hands along with my tools. I finally feel satisfaction from work and my purpose is fulfilled. I am truly blessed to have the ability to give horses comfort and renewed strength by trimming their hooves using what God naturally intended - the natural hoof - as my guide.

Sincerely -




 In memory of Barney - with love







Deborah Rakaska



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